Children’s Yoga

Childrens Yoga to bring peace, love and awareness to each child

Sarah is a Starchild Yoga certified teacher

Childrens yoga classes at Saraha Yoga near Bury St Edmunds

Children’s yoga has been shown to have many positive physical and psychological benefits to children of all ages.

Research has concluded that children who practise yoga-based movement, conscious breathing techniques and mindfulness activities are better able to regulate their emotions, calm themselves and manage stress.  It has also been shown that calm and focused children learn more easily and have better social skills.  

Other benefits of yoga for children can include:

* Improved attention and concentration
* Develops coordination and balance
* Increases confidence and self-esteem
* Improved strength and flexibility
* Increased circulation and uptake of oxygen
* Healthy hormone function

Aside from all the physical and mental benefits, yoga also offers children a space to relax, have fun and just be themselves.  Additionally, the mindfulness-based exercises can encourage physical relaxation and better sleep, which I am sure all parents will appreciate from time to time!

The wonderful thing is that all this is happening whilst they are playing and having fun using visualisations and their own imaginations, which is becoming increasingly more important to encourage at a time when there is so much outside stimulation coming from TV’s, computers, video games and so-on.  As a psychotherapist, I am seeing so many youngsters who simply need to disengage with technology and just relax.

Classes aren’t always running, but when they are are they are held in our cosy studio:

The Solstice Wellbeing Centre, Solstice House, Felsham Road, Bradfield St George, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0AB

Yoga In Preschools, Nurseries and Schools

Those working in educational settings are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of including regular yoga and mindfulness activities, either as part of the daily activities or as an after school club.  Sarah has experience of working with children of all ages, including those with special educational needs.

If you would be interested in introducing yoga into your school, preschool or nursery setting, please drop Sarah a message or call her for a chat.

For further information on all classes please contact Sarah.